What is Vibrational Healing?

What is Vibrational Healing?

Everything Vibrates in Vibrational Healing

What is Vibrational Healing – simply put, everything in existence vibrates. But what does that mean? It means that everything has a feel to it. The vibration it carries determines how it is interpreted by anyone that uses their senses to experience it. Sound, scent, physicality all determined by vibration and form. The beauty of this simple fact is what can help make healers so powerful.

Having studied healing as a science for decades, I have come to have great respect for vibrational healing. The premise is quite simple. Apply a vibration to something that vibrates and you can change whatever the vibration is applied to. How does that happen? It can happen either through physical contact, or it can happen through mental thought processes. Both are highly successful if the healer understands the nature of vibration and already has a concrete understanding of healing.

So, that was a lot of words tied together – but what is vibrational healing really? Vibrational healing means anything is shiftable through the nature of infinity. In other words. If a cell vibrates to illness – if the right vibration is applied, it can then vibrate to health. If an emotional body is stuck in anger and frustration, the right vibration can cause it to begin vibrating to calm and peace. Yes, through infinity, all things are changeable.

Learning Vibrational Healing

The trick to learning vibrational healing is sensitivity. As a healer, I can tell you that increasing your sensitivity will also increase your perceptions of vibrations. It is only through exposure to vibration and practice as a healer that we can really begin to ‘feel’ everything around us.

For me, the subject that I spent the most time with was myself. As a healer and teacher, I felt if was my duty to know myself and heal myself to the best of my ability. I felt if I did that, I would encounter many experiences that would expand my understanding and help me to be able to better serve my clients and students. Physician, Heal Thyself is the most important axiom a healer can hold. Heal thyself, Know thyself, both are incredibly important to understanding the self – and through that to then begin to understand others.

As I began to encounter what needed healing within myself, i truly began to understand that emotions, and feelings, and experiences truly did have a vibration that I could then use to understand what I was feeling in my clients. Ah, anger feels like this to me – ah, being ungrounded feels like this to me.. through repetition and an understanding of the experience from a personal perspective, I began to understand and correlate the feelings and vibrations I was getting from my hands (when I was healing through touch) and my mind (when I was healing distantly). It made a profound difference.

As I went deeper into the scientific understanding of the esoteric artform that healing is, I found that science supported what I was feeling. Yes, everything did vibrate. The books of Blavatsky and Bailey helped tremendously to understand what I had come to know from experience. It was when I started to Study the works of St. Germain and the Kybalion, that my ability to heal really truly deepened. It was then that I began to truly understand the power of infinity and the ability to heal through applied vibration.

The Most important thing to understand as a healer – well that we don’t know everything. What we can grasp is so small compared to infinity. There are times we must rely on spirit to assist us in applying the correct vibration. No matter how much I study, I am pretty sure God knows better and more than I can ever comprehend. So I do alot of healing in innocence to make sure I don’t miss anything.

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