Unconditional Love in Healing

Unconditional Love in Healing

It still surprises me sometimes to think about how long I have been healing. I remember my first true lessons as a healer and they all involved the nature of unconditional love. I have had many inner teachers in this lifetime. Individuals who guide me internally and teach me what I need to know. The hardest lessons any true healer has to learn are about clarity and love.

The Life Path of a Healer

I had never thought of myself as a healer. The course I was taking at the time were about trying to understand my own self. I knew the events of my life had shaped me and I did not like the shape. I was seeking my own healing. I had taken undergraduate courses in psychology and sociology and I found most people in the mental health industries were actually trying to understand themselves. I remember being very clear that going into the profession was a distraction from the real quest. So, I tried to turn my attention to my own issues in an effort to find my own path and heal myself and not be distracted by the desire to heal others externally.

Nine years later, I found myself in a corner. The pressures of life were bringing my lack sorely to the forefront and I sought help where I could. I found myself in Rape Crisis Therapy 10 years after the rape. It started me on a very real path. I worked with a therapist for 8 months and found myself looking again at the healing arts. I study the druidic path and natural healing. It lead me to Reiki and eventually the most profound relationships with internal master teachers.

Unconditional Love through Master Teachers

St. Germaine & Satya Sai Baba

Hard Lessons In Unconditional Love

It is my work with the Master Teachers that actually assisted me in understanding the true nature of unconditional love. I was meditating one day in the park. My children were laughing and running around with the dog. I was sitting under a tree receiving a lesson. I had asked Sai Baba to show me the true nature of unconditional love. In a meditative state, Sai Baba kept my mind very active, showing me things I could not quite grasp. I came out of the meditation not sure of what I had been shown. I walked over to where my children were playing and our dog came running over to me – he jumped at me and latched onto my leg – with his mouth. His teeth sinking into my leg, I began to react, I had drawn my arm up to swat him off, and Sai Baba appeared in my minds eye and said – “Now, where is your unconditional love right now?”

It was by far the most potent and immediately understandable lesson I could ever have had. In the moment, as it is happening, where is my love. It is a lesson that immediately made my work as a spiritual healer far more potent. It has guided me to a better understanding of what true healing actually is. It was in that moment that I learned love is not an abstract. Love is real and potent and more powerful than anything I had ever experienced.

So as a healer how does that work? Quite simply actually. Healing is a commitment to love. First we must learn to love ourselves, and then we must learn to love others. Truly love others, no matter what. It has nothing to do with our feelings and everything to do with a choice. As a healer, I choose to love my clients. It has nothing to do with liking them. It is easy to love someone we like.

True Unconditional Love in Healing

The role of a spiritual counselor is an intimate one. In order to make real changes, a space where they can actually reveal the deepest darkest parts of themselves is necessary. A place of no judgement is required. It is in this place of intimacy and unconditional love that individuals in absolute abject pain can shed their past and be reborn into their true selves.

I have found unconditional love to be more of a witnessing than anything else. A witnessing of darkness that if left unexpressed creates lack and pain and suffering. When we give people freedom from this darkness, they can over time leave it behind to embrace light. Once they can embrace the truth of their own worth, they begin to truly heal. It is an amazing thing.

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