Life as a Metaphysician

Life as a Metaphysician

People often ask me my pedigree when they meet me. The mandatory sniff test which allows people to decide if I am truly the type of person they want to work with. No complaints, metaphysics is an intimate and personal discipline. Both parties have to be willing to be brutally honest in order that the client moves forward. The sniff test is pretty important to that relationship.

The Metaphysics of Healing

blavatsky - metaphysicianI have spent years reading and learning and working on myself and others to really begin to understand the beautiful complexity of the human energy field. Having gone through multiple boughts of being immersed in the cyclical nature of medications and antibiotics, I began to investigate a more natural and less physically devastating approach to healing the human body. My search began slowly, I had learned to meditate in my teens and began to start with simple meditation and reading. I read everything before I really fell into healing. A friend I had at the time had taken Reiki classes. I was suffering badly from a three day migraine and he broke it in 20 minutes of sending second level reiki energy to me. I was so impressed, I took Reiki level one within two months.

My experience with Reiki was extraordinary. It helped me to see the potential for actual healing and propelled me through the next 25 years of my life. I have been an avid student of the healing arts, choosing to focus on healing myself first and learning from my own experiences before applying them to others. I have found it to be a huge help in my ability to understand and guide the healing processes of others. It has created a deep personal clarity that allows me to see others with equal clarity.

alicebailey - metaphysicianReiki led me to the Infinite Energy Rays which led me to Transpersonal Counseling and The Melchizedek Method of Healing with the Hologram of Love. These four modalities (not the only ones I have studied) along with extensive research into the works of Blavatsky and Alice Bailey provided me with the backbone of understanding that truly allows me to diagnose and understand the imbalances I encounter in my clients.

Becoming a Metaphysical Healer

I never thought when I started this search that I would work with others. I simply wanted to end the 20 years of migraine headaches I had suffered from since 5/6 years of age. What I have learned has allowed me to share my understanding with others. I truly love teaching and assisting clients in the spiritual evolution of their lives. It is by far an extremely rewarding experience to step into someone’s soul and provide them the understanding to move beyond what they themselves ever thought they should be.

If you are interested in Metaphysics, my greatest understanding has come from these two amazing individuals:

Helena Blavatsky

Alice Bailey

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