Distant Healing Phone Sessions

Catherine Rose has been healing both in person and by phone for over 15 years. Her strong shamanistic approach to healing makes her phone sessions powerful and far reaching. Not bound by the constraints of time and space, Catherine is able to tune into the caller to determine what is needed to bring about the desired changes the client is requesting.

Deeply Spiritual Distant Healing Phone Sessions

distant healing phone sessions with loveWorking closely with Spirit, her work is guided and purposeful. She has studied the human energy body extensively and has an innate sense that reaches the heart of the issue quickly and easily. She works rapidly and with great care to bring balance and cooperation between the many levels of being. She believes in the relief of pain in any situation as being the most important beginning in the healing process and strives to relieve pain as soon as possible.

Empathetic Distant Healing Phone Sessions

distant healing with the hologramCatherine is able to work as well distantly as she does in person. Her empathic ability allows her to connect deeply with the client no matter where they are on the planet. She is often able to sense and distinquish the nature of the issues without having to dredge up the past. She works to transform discordancy back into love through the use of the many different tools she brings to the session.

Healing sessions are scheduled for a minimum of one hour.
Session cost is $90 per hour.

To schedule an appointment or to request information on healing, Contact Catherine at: cat@vibrationalessences.com
Or call: (518) 489-8252

Prepaid or Gifted Distant Healing Phone Sessions

Catherine’s Sessions can be purchased in advance or can be purchased as a gift. Select the length of session you would like to purchase, and click the buy now button. The session can then be scheduled and redeemed at the clients convenience.

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