Distance Healing

Trained as a distant Healer and certified in several modalities, Catherine offers sessions both in person and by phone. In addition to her work as an energy healer, she is also a certified Transpersonal Counselor(Soul Psychology).

Powerful Distance Healings

Her distance healing work is incisive, intuitive and to the point. Quick to see through illusion, she assists clients in recognizing and accepting their truth more fully and with greater love. No two clients’ distance healing sessions are ever the same, but the goal of balance, harmony, acceptance and self love are always present.

Distance Healing sessions are scheduled for a minimum of one hour.

Distance Healing Session cost is $90 per hour.

To schedule an appointment or to request information on distance energy healing, Contact Catherine at: cat@vibrationalessences.com
Or call: (518) 489-8252

Trained & Certified in the Following Forms of Distance Healing:

Melchizedek Method
Infinite Energy Rays
Transpersonal Counseling
Holographic Sound Healing
Magnified Healing
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