Vibrational Healing Arts – The Science Behind Vibrational Essences

vibrational essences

Vibrational Essences

Our Vibrational Essences are made using Vibrational Healing Energies. We are dedicated to creating our essences in a state of clarity with the assistance of Spirit and the Elemental Kingdom.

Vibrational Products

Products imbued with positive energies. Good karma, Good Mojo, Good energy. We utilize the basic vibrational energies used in healing sessions to embed the same kind of energies into the essences, and artwork. It allows a physical space to transform from the exposure to the vibrational healing energies that exist within the products.

Vibrational Essences – Wall Art – Window Art

Our online shop is currently being stocked with vibrational essences, vibrational oils, sacred wall art and our static cling window art. You can check out our online store as we build our shop.

In addition to our vibrational products, we offer the techniques and teaching behind the products to students who want a further understanding of healing vibrationally – our classes are available in either a personal or group setting. Distance and in-person sessions are always available.

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